Risk Management

Assessment of Risks & Precautions, PML (Probable Maximum Loss), EML (Estimated Maximum Loss) calculations, ascertaining condition and value of the assets, evaluation of the liability risks are carried out on the following topics internationally.

  • Industrial and Commercial Businesses
  • Buildings and other structures
    Machinery & Installations
    Decoration & Inventories
    Electronic Equipment

  • Power Plants (HEPP, TPP, WTG, Combined Cycle)
  • Loss of Profit Risk Assesments in relation with Business Interruption
  • Ships & Marine Structures, JH143 Reports
  • (All type of ships including Ore, Bulk, General Dry Cargo, Container, Fishing Vessels, Passanger, Ro-Ro, Tanker, LPG-LNG and Reefer Ships, Tugboats, Floating Barges and Platforms, Floating Drydocks)

  • Commercial or private Sail Yachts and Motoryachts
  • Site Inspections for Liability Insurances
  • Aviation Risks
  • Construction Sites
  • (Road-Highway Constructions, Tunnels, Water Dams, Buildings, Ports, Waterborne Structures, Tube Constructions, Raiways)